Happy thoughts

I haven't done one of these since March! I've been pre-occupied lately with both good things and not-so-good things and it was definitely time to reflect on what I am happy about. 

three day weekends
Labor day sales (and new clothes!)
binge-watching InuYasha
seeing my BFFs
Sunday chats with my mom
pink and white roses
good cries over books/shows
apartment cleaning & de-cluttering
burning bookish-themed candles
yummy recipes from BlueApron
curling up under the covers
the new editions of The Grisha Trilogy
finding songs you want to play on repeat
planning cousin outings
the smell of jasmine (my fave)
pretty planners
Tuesdays aka book release days
ice cream in the freezer
daydreaming about travel
looking ahead

What are your happy thoughts?

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  1. I still love these happy thoughts posts! They remind me to think about what makes me happy in my own life too, and I think it's always important to remember to be grateful.


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