Stacking the Shelves (46)

What a month for books! I say that because one, A Court of Wings and Ruin came out (still experiencing major book hangover) and two, my pre-order of a new edition of Anne of Green Gables arrived and it's even more beautiful in person. But of course I'm excited about all the books I got! There were only a few I personally purchased while the rest were sent by some wonderful publishers.

So, onto the books!


What new books have you guys gotten lately?


  1. Looks like a great haul! I'm curious about The Librarian of Auschwitz... though a little nervous too, with that title!

    My STS.

  2. Yay for that beautiful new Anne of yours! I think that collection is absolutely stunning and I *wish* they'd do A Little Princess in that style one day.


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