Paint by Sticker: Travel Blog Tour

A few weeks ago a publicist at Workman Publishing contacted me about their exciting new series, Paint by Sticker. The first book is about Travel (perfect for yours truly!) and features 12 vintage travel posters that can be pieced together with stickers.

It's such a fun concept! I figured out early on that I was going choose Maine because it's a place I've been to and have very fond memories of. About five summers ago my cousins and I planned our very first vacation together (just us, minus the parents) and it was to Portland, Maine.

Once that was settled, I sat down on my couch, put something on the TV (Party of Five on Netflix if you must know) and set about piecing my poster together.

Maine poster and the stickers!
(It's a lot of stickers!)

Before and after:
It's a bit harder than it looks but so worth it to see the final product :) 

Check it out and hope you order a copy of your own!

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  1. This is definitely a fun alternative to coloring books! I love that it's travel-themed too :)


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