Doctor Who + Mr. Men Gift Guide

It's no secret that I love Doctor Who so I jumped at the chance to be a part of something both Whovian and book-related! I'm teaming up with Penguin Young Readers (thank you!) to promote a brand new picture book series by Roger Hargreaves that reimagines some of our favorite Doctors, companions and villians as Mr. Men and Little Miss. The result? Absolutely adorable!

The books will be released tomorrow, April 25th, and to celebrate, I've paired all the books with a fun gift that reminds me of each story.

Dr. First • I haven't watched any of the early episodes but this story features a lost granddaughter, Cybermen and a radio. This Crosley speaker looks like the old school radio in the book!

Dr. Fourth • Yet another Doctor I'm unfamiliar with but I do know his companion, Sarah Jane! The two of them are running away from Daleks and it involves some clever tactics of escape. One of them being jelly babies.

Dr. Eleventh • Finally a Doctor I know and love! (Although you know I was hoping for my favorite, Ten.) But this story made me smile because it involved Eleven, River Song and a fez hat. Which is why this fez and bowtie set is perfect for any fan of Smith.

Dr. Twelfth • And lastly, the current Doctor. In this book he chases after Missy to save the day yet again. One glance at the cover made me realize that I had to include his classic Wayfarers on this gift guide. (I actually own a pair myself!)

Which pairing is your favorite?
If you're a Doctor Who fan, I'd love to know!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE this little gift guide you created inspired by the Roger Hargreaves Doctor Who books! (Also, the books are just adorable.) <3


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