Life lately, according to my iPhone

I feel like every week in March has alternated between being either super busy (like last week where I had plans most nights) or super low key (like this week where I have one plan haha). I'm kind of looking forward to the latter.

It was my cousin's fiance's birthday recently and we all went out The Half-Pint to celebrate. If you like chicken and waffles, skillet scrambles or a lot of alcohol with your brunch, this is a good place to check out!
The cold weather hasn't stopped me from crossing off more ice cream places from my list. I went to Soft Swerve with Alexa and then ICE NY with two of my coworkers. I enjoyed both but I definitely liked Soft Swerve best! 
March has been a super exciting month for book drops! It's been really fun being a part of the Books on the Subway team and to meet new people. Two of my favorite drops from this month have been 13 Reasons Why and Half the Sky. For the former, we teamed up with Netflix and for the latter, we teamed up with Emma Watson's (!!) Shared Shelf book club. 
Pre-snowpocalypse, I took my cousin out for a birthday dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. // If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I share a lot of stories about our office dog, Walter. It was his last week in the office and I miss him so much!
Alexa and I love Misty Copeland so we had to go to her signing at B&N for her newest book, Ballerina Body. It was great listening to her talk about it and meet her in person! (Even though it was for a split second.) 

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Oooh that photo of Washington Sq Park is GORGEOUS! And Soft Swerve is on my NYC summer ice cream bucket list! It looks delicious!

  2. Your photos always make me want to move to New York. We have some pretty cool places to frequent in Nova Scotia, but I love the idea of Books on the Subway and all the book events you get to attend!

  3. I love that we get to do fun things (like eat all the ice cream and meet Misty Copeland) together all the time. Living in/near NYC is the best <3


with love,