Happy Thoughts

Last week was not a good week. I can name at least three huge frustrations, not to mention all these little annoyances, and by Friday I was ready to go home and mope. (Which I did and it didn't quite help.) But it's a new week and while I'm still in a mood, writing down what is making me happy is a good way to try and shake it off.

piles of books on my dining table
listening to vinyls on Sunday afternoons
current binge-watch of The Americans
Fireworks by Katie Cotugno
retail therapy at Missoma and J.Crew
people who make time for me (and don't flake)
my mom cutely surprising me with a bag
discovering Kombucha tea
unexpected compliments from unexpected sources
sitting on the couch & propping up your feet
sleeping early & sleeping in
dinner, dessert and coffee plans
a bottle of rosé wine just waiting to be opened
"What Do I Know?" by Ed Sheeran on repeat
cozy flannels and hoodies all weekend long
looking through old photographs at my parents' house
fun book drops for Books on the Subway
seeing a design come together 
friends who text songs they think you'll like
Trader Joe's Sumatra Coffee Brownies

What are your happy thoughts?


  1. Trader Joe's Sumatra Coffee Brownies sound amazing! And yes to cozy flannels and hoodies! Love this post, Rachel! Thank you for it!

  2. I definitely find that making lists like this one make me feel better when I'm feeling anxious/stressed/sad, and your list made me smile when I read it :)


with love,