Let's Talk Music

A friend, who I've never really talked music with, saw me tweet about my love of Incubus recently and texted me to say how shocked he was. It made me laugh because that's not the first time that's been said to me. And funnily enough, Incubus has been the catalyst for this statement twice already. I'm not exactly sure what people expect me to like but I've gotten the impression rock is not at the top of that list.

The truth is though, I like everything. Well, everything except music that replaces singing with screaming. But otherwise, my iPhone and Spotify playlists have everything from alternative, rock, grunge, blues, pop, country, hip hop, reggaeton and more. That said, there are certain genres I always gravitate towards and that really speak to me. And that's rock/alternative/indie (I swear I'm not cheating but they do all go together!) and singer/songwriter type music (I'm a sucker for acoustic songs).

So in the spirit of getting more personal on my blog and in light of this recent conversation, I thought I'd share a playlist I created a few years ago. As usual, I was complaining about how there haven't been any recent bands to fall in love with (still complaining about this!) and decided to put together a list of songs from my favorite bands. I put the playlist on Spotify to share and hopefully you'll find something to like and get to know my taste in music a little better.



  1. YUP. The lack of recent quality indie music is SO sad. I love Arctic Monkeys, Incubus (since high school!), Phoenix and The Black Keys!!! If you haven't heard of them already, one of my favorite indie bands is Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. Their album, The Speed of Things is soooooooo good<3 I believe it's streaming for free on Prime right now too!

  2. If you like rock/alternative and haven't tried them before, you should give Mother Mother a listen! Their new album No Culture is really good, but I think my favourite is The Sticks :)

  3. I love that your musical tastes are so varied! It's really interesting to find out what sort of music people like to listen to, in my opinion. Personally, I'm mostly a pop girl - unless someone specifically recommends songs to me (like you)!


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