Short & Sweet (17)

pub 9/15/15 by Avon Impulse
Romance - Contemporary
1 Line Summary: Brent Payton is a ladies' man and everyone knows it but he finds himself wanting more when he meets Ivy Dawn except.. she and her sister have sworn off men indefinitely.
The Couple: On the surface, Brent and Ivy seem like total opposites who happen to have a ton of chemistry. But looking back, they have more in common than they realize. They're devoted to their families, have good hearts and are extremely passionate people. I totally shipped them from page one but it was a lot more fun to go down the slow burn route with these two.
The Plot: Even though Brent is one trying to prove that he's taking this thing with Ivy seriously, I think the book is actually more about her. She and her family have had a tough time and it's balance between doing right by them but also taking care of herself and her own needs. This book, more so than the rest in this series, has the most heartwarming family moments.
Do I recommend? I do! The first book, Dirty Thoughts, is still my favorite of the three but I liked them all!

pub 12/8/15 Avon Impulse
Romance - Contemporary
1 Line Summary: Alex Dawn has sworn off men after being in an abusive relationship until a one night stand with L.M. Spencer makes her wonder if there's happiness out there for her after all.
The Couple: We first get to know Alex in the previous book (she's Ivy's sister) so knowing her back story from the get-go made her emotional (and sexy) connection with Spencer that much more impactful. And I'm glad the author chose to introduce a totally knew guy instead of a secondary character because one, I can't imagine who she would've picked and two, I really liked Spencer!
The Plot: It's another opposites attract story that's done so right. Alex has a past to overcome but she loves her family, job and friends. But Spencer, a hot British guy, is only in town temporarily for work so he's not exactly looking for a relationship either. Except, they can't stop thinking about their one night together. Their story is a little bit about mixing pleasure with work but most of all, making that decision to open up to another person who's worth it.
Do I recommend? Yes! I don't know if there will be more books in this series but I certainly hope so.

pub 11/28/16 by JLA
1 Line Summary: It's been six years since Jillian Lima since she had her heart broken by Brock "the Best" Mitchell and her life altered by a stranger with a guy but she's finally determined to move forward.
The Couple: I love second-chance romances! Jillian and Brock have known each other all their lives but she was always the "little sister" to him. But now they're both all grown up and sparks fly! She's attracted to him more than ever and he's finally recognizing the wonderful woman who's always been there for him.
The Plot: The book has a lot to do with revealing what happened that night and how Jillian and Brock's lives came to be intertwined in the first place. But it also spends a lot of time in the present. They become friends, revisit old wounds and explore the obvious chemistry between them. I enjoyed that their relationship wasn't rushed and that they had so much history. Plus a bunch of my favorite characters from past books make an appearance! (Multiple ones!)
Do I recommend? I do. I've read every Wait for You book and I don't see that changing any time soon.

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  1. I'm a big, big fan of the Mechanics of Love series! I love it when a series centers around a family, and it's even better when it's a set of love stories :D


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