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I've had a lot on my mind lately, even before last week happened. Just stuff going on in my personal life, you know? But then last week did, in fact, happen and it was hard not get sucked into this overall sense of weariness. But I've personally found that when I'm in a funk, something usually jumps out at me unexpectedly. Lyrics in a song or a line in a book and it's like someone somewhere knows exactly what I'm feeling. But, managed to say it better than I ever could. 

There were three quotes that resonated with me deeply last week and I wanted to share them here because hopefully, they'll resonate with someone else too. 

On Monday I was catching up on my podcasts and finally got around to listening to First Draft with Sarah Enni's episode with Tahereh Mafi. I love and respect Mafi already as a writer but I had never heard her speak before (please come back to NYC!) and I immediately clicked with everything she said. But it was the line above, in particular, that made me want to stand up and yell "yes!" in absolute agreement. It's just so relevant to my life right now and especially to the weekend I had had at the time. 

I listened to Hillary's concession speech at work and I couldn't help but tear up at my desk. I was moved by the line above and of course by what she said about encouraging the little girls watching to never stop believing in themselves. Even though I've voted in elections before, this was the first time that I felt such a personal stake in it. To the point where, for the first time ever, I was following the news and making sure I was informed. It's made me realize how important that is and how each and every vote matters. 

The day after the election, I retweeted a lot of things but when I saw Shonda Rhimes tweet this Eleanor Roosevelt quote, it felt so right. 


Which quote is your favorite?
Or share a quote that gives you hope. 

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  1. These quotes are SO brilliant, R. I love how hopeful and how strong they all feel! November has been really rough in a lot of ways, but just these few quotes are definitely something nice to read and feel inspired and encouraged when you're on the brink of despair or losing hope <3


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