Happy (and Thankful) Thoughts

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and just like last year, it's the perfect time to share happy thoughts. But I have to admit, this is kind of a bittersweet week for me and it's been a rough month in general. I've been a little mopey so starting my staycation this past Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered. It's already lifting my spirits! And today (and every for the rest of this week), I'm going to focus on the good.  

Sundays with my parents
getting brunch with my cousins
remembering my grandmother
beautiful days in NYC
taking a great photograph 
warm flannel shirts 
having an entire week off from work
new vinyl records to listen to
making Christmas shopping lists
fresh flowers around my apartment
friends who are there, always
all the food I know I'll be eating this week
making movie night plans
toasted pastillas from the Filipino store
 freshly cut persimmons from my parents' garden
multiple cups of coffee in the mornings
wholeheartedly loving the people in my life
(even when they drive me crazy)
becoming a book fairy for Books on the Subway
being ok with who I am & unwilling to settle
playing a song I love over and over again
making future travel plans
Thanksgiving + the upcoming holiday season!

What are your happy thoughts?

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  1. I'm focusing on the fact that it's nearly Christmas (I love Christmas), and that I have my new record player (and will acquire James' record soon), and that I have so many plans with friends and family for the holidays <3


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