Short & Sweet (14)

Mini-reviews of New Adult and Romance novels that I enjoyed

pub 3/5/16 by Smashwords Edition
NA - Contemporary
1 Line Summary: Cait Johannsen is focused on lacrosse (and her BFFs) so her life gets thrown for a loop when Lawrence Mason, the guy who broke her heart two years ago, transfers to her school.
The Couple: Cait and Lawrence are all angsty, tension-filled, brooding and steamy romance. In other words, I was all about it!
The Plot: I love Adler's NA books. She does sexy romance really well but they're always about so much more than that. Her relationships and characters are diverse. Friendships are vital to these women. And her heroines are always intelligent, determined, flawed and so relatable.
Reservations: None that I can think of! Just be aware that this isn't a light and fluffy romance.
Do I recommend?: Yes! If you haven't checked out this series yet, you definitely should.

pub 5/17/16 by Loveswept
NA - Contemporary
1 Line Summary: When good girl country star Jenny Dawson gets caught in a false tabloid scandal, she flees to remote mansion in Louisiana and sparks fly with the young caretaker there named Noah (who's keeping some secrets of his own!).
The Couple: I'll never get tired of saying this – I love romances that start off with bickering, only to reveal some really hot chemistry. Noah and Jenny totally fit this bill to a tee. They make assumptions about the other but then little moments reveal more and more of who they truly are, until they can't resist the other.
The Plot: It's basically a case of false identity on both sides. Jenny doesn't hide who she is but she is hiding from the press and her fans. Likewise, Noah is pretending he's a hired hand instead of the owner of the estate. It's easy to see where this is going but that didn't make it any less enjoyable.
Reservations: The end was admittedly a bit cheesy but I enjoyed it.
Do I recommend?: I've read like 4 books by Lauren Layne now and I don't plan to stop.

pub 7/19/17 by JLA
NA - Paranormal Romance
1 Line Summary: The sequel picks up where it left off – the Order in chaos, a Fae prince to hunt down, Ivy reeling from the truth about herself and Ren is as swoony as ever.
The Couple: It's impossible not to root for Ivy and Ren. They're just fun and sexy together and willing to do whatever they can to protect the other.
The Plot: I like the spin JLA has put on the Fae mythology and how she interweaves it with the characters and best of all, against the background of New Orleans. We learn a lot and I'm looking forward to reading how it'll all conclude.
Reservations: The latter half of the book was difficult to read through. It's hard to say without spoiling but the kind of violence and manipulation hanging over Ivy felt way overdrawn and maybe even unnecessary.
Do I recommend?: It's JLA and paranormal romance. Of course I do!

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  1. I'm so happy you finally read (and enjoyed) Right of First Refusal! It was just nice being back at Radleigh with these girls, and I also just liked the romance in it a whole lot as well :)


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