Review: The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

Collaborative feature with Alexa. We read ARCs together and post our reviews on the same date.

The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia
pub 10/4/16 by Imprint
YA - Contemporary
Received ARC from publisher
Plot • Frankie Devereux has been living recklessly ever the violent death of her boyfriend. After one too many antics, she's forced to move in with her father, an undercover cop living in the Downs, the not-so-great part of town. She switches schools and it's there she meets Marco Leone, street car racer and bad boy with a past of his own.

Characters • I connected with both Frankie and Marco initially and I was all for the romantic tension that was obviously between them. But that feeling faded as the book progressed, which had to do with how the plot unfolded.

Writing • Even though it was a quick read, it reminded me way too much of Pushing the Limits and Crash Into You by Katie McGarry in terms of characters and story. Except I prefer McGarry's books.

Overall feelings • It had a really promising start but the insta-love and predictable over-the-top drama was just too much for me.

What's your dream car? • I really want a Mini Cooper Countryman! If I ever get tired of my Honda Fit, that'll definitely be my next car.

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  1. I honestly feel like it's a true shame that neither of us loved this book as much by the time we hit the end of it! It was so promising at the start too :(


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