Links + Loves

Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / "Why I Love The Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl (Even Though She’s The Enemy)" So one, I love the title and two, what she says about simplifying her closet and figuring out her style is exactly what I keep trying to do. (I half-fail / half-succeed at this.)

2 / I've only been to 3 of the 13 places on this list of favorite US travel destinations and I need to remedy that.

3 / This article on "The Lessons We Learned from 80's Movies" was a fun trip down memory lane.

4 / I'm obsessed with articles that talk about friendship and this one about breaking up with a crappy BFF caught my attention.

5 / Things you absolutely must watch, if you haven't already: Michelle Obama's Carpool Karaoke and her DNC speech and the Wonder Woman trailer.

6 / I do everything on this list of "9 Oddly Therapeutic Work Habits To Make Your 9-5 Suck Less" except for #2 and #8.

7 / I'll admit, whenever someone responds to me with a period at the end of their text or chat, I wonder if they're mad.

8 / Obviously if you want to live longer, you should read more.


1 / I've never bought a romper before but when I saw this, I had to give it a try. I ended up loving how it looked! I can't wait to wear it.

2 / I'm obsessed with ColourPop makeup! I've gotten a bunch of things already and will probably get more. (Pictured: November matte lip gloss and Birthday Suit blush).

3 / I finally added Rey to my Funko Pop! collection. Since the base is white, I put it with all my white books (bookshelves are currently organized by color) and it fits so nicely!


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!


  1. Love this! Thanks for the distraction! I'll have to try colorpop makeup and that romper would look so cute on you!!

  2. Nice list! It's giving me idea to start a similar one on my blog *wink*

  3. That romper is so cute! And I'm OBSESSED with ColourPop, particularly their lip colors and eyeliners. So good and so reasonably priced, if you ask me ;)


with love,