Friendship Festival: Let's Go on a Roadtrip

In honor of this past Sunday's National Friendship Day, Alexa, Kelly & I are sharing a couple fun posts this week to celebrate. 

One thing we all love to do (aside from reading!) is to travel. Alexa and I have done a few little weekend trips and sleepovers and just recently, the three of us spent a week in Cape Cod, Mass. together which was amazing. But it also gave us an idea for today's post. 

If we could plan any trip for the three of us, what would it be?

And for me, the answer was obvious – I would love to drive cross-country with these ladies. The last time I made this trek I was 10 years old and smushed into a van with my grandmother, two uncles, an aunt and 7 cousins. It was uncomfortable as it sounds (imagine being in a clown car) but also a lot of fun. But I'm thinking I'd appreciate the trip a lot more if I was behind the wheel and seeing the sights with dear friends. I can just imagine us driving down the highway, music blasting and singing along. Because this is my dream trip, we'd start in New Jersey and make our way to San Diego, California.

If planned right I'm sure we could see dozens of things but if I had narrow it down to ten it would be:

1. Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon
2. New Orleans because beignets.
3. Denver because we love the Marked Men series. 
4. Washington to see the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields.
5. South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore
6. Wilmington, North Carolina because I have to see Dawson's Creek.
7. Wyoming to see the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park
8. Savannah because I think I'd love seeing the oldest city in Georgia.
9. Austin, TX because I miss it and I want to see Hamilton Pool.
10. And finally, San Diego because I've never been!

If you were planning a trip with friends, where would you go?

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  1. You know me, I love a good road trip! I think we would have SO much fun together on the road, and I love that you made a list of ten sights that we should stop and see. Denver and Savannah are my favorites because I definitely want to visit both!


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