Foodie Adventures

You all know how much I love trying new food but aside from creating my own list of places to go, I haven't gone to a food festival or anything in the longest time. I think the last one was the mini-Smorgasburg at South Streetport. So when I heard about The Museum of Ice Cream (!!) and the Queens International Night Market, I knew I had to go to both. 

Museum of Ice Cream
The Museum of Ice Cream is a pop-up museum across from the Whitney that will be open only until the end of August. Luckily Alexa and I bought tickets as soon as we heard about it because.. it's already sold out! And now that we've been, it's easy to see why. I mean, first of all, it's about ice cream. But also, the whole thing was just really well done. They had ice cream art hanging everywhere and had one interesting exhibit / installation after the other. Like when you enter, you're almost immediately greeted with ice cream. Then they had edible balloons filled with helium, a pool of sprinkles you can sit in, gave us berry fruit tablets that make sour foods sweet (I've had it before) and just plenty of opportunities for silly photos. It was so much fun.

Alexa and I entering the Museum of Ice Cream!
 Helium-filled, edible balloons • the museum's attempt to creating the biggest sundae ever
ice cream light installation! (I love this photo.)
sitting in a pool of sprinkles • ice cream art
this museum wouldn't be complete without actual ice cream to eat! • swing swing

Queens International Night Market
The Queens International Night Market is a food market that runs every Saturday until August 20th. I went with Carina and even though it was a bit of a trek for us, it was well worth it. I did expect the place to be a bit bigger but they had a wide variety of food and great prices. Every booth had combos that were around $5 so you could try a little bit of everything. We ended up going to 5 different booths and I was happy with everything I got. We also saw two Filipino vendors while we were there and it was nice to see our culture represented too.

Welcome to the Queens International Night Market!
A booth for Filipino food!
Our first meal: asian buns & Taro bubble tea from C Bao.
Fried squid (love!) and fried mac and cheese (loved even more!)
Twister cakes! We were too full to eat them but omg did they look good!
Catmint Wheel Cakes - the matcha chocolate was delicious!
A huge cup of green tea fried ice cream • me & Carina 

Have you guys tried any new food lately?


  1. Yum! Looks like you've had some tasty adventures. I think my favorite is the pic of the melted ice cream art!

  2. Everything about the ice cream museum is simply amazing. Now I crave ice cream and I have none in my house! :)

  3. Going to The Museum of Ice Cream was SO much fun! I love the way they did the installations, and the cone lighting fixtures were my fave (followed closely by the swing). Also, I'd never heard of the Queens Night Market but now I kind of need to/want to/MUST visit - and hopefully, that happens for me this weekend!


with love,