Are you Team Mango or Team Coconut?

A couple weeks ago, Estelle sent me a post on Etsy called: "Are You Pro-Pineapple or Team Watermelon?". I thought it was super fun but I told her how I wished there was a Team Mango. She said hers would be Team Coconut and we quickly realized we should write our own version of the post. So thank you Etsy for giving us this idea! Like them, we'll tell you a little bit about what makes each fruit awesome and share fun stuff to show which team you're on.

Team Mango
Mangoes were a staple in my household while growing up. My mom bought them every week whether it was fresh from the supermarket or bags of dried mango from the Filipino store. Now that I think about it, it's no surprise that it's my favorite! But I didn't know all the benefits mangoes have to offer. They're good for your skin, boosts your memory, helps keep you healthy in a variety or ways and can cool you down on the hottest of days. If you love mangoes you probably: love warm weather, keep a level head and are constantly curious about the world around you. (I clearly made this up but I like the sound of it!)

Favorite snacks: Trader Joe's Mango Coconut flavored caramel popcorn, Philippine brand dried mangos, mango aloe vera juice

Team Coconut
It’s safe to say that if a product has anything to do with coconuts this summer — I’m buying it. (It’s all the Tone It Up influence.) I did have to look up if a coconut is actually a fruit, and it totally is. But as far as shopping goes, it’s not the prettiest fruit so there wasn’t as much to add to this list as I would have liked. (Next year coconut will be the new pineapple! You heard me!)

Also! Switching gears, I must mention the awesome Yes to Coconuts cleansing wipes and the Coconut + Pear lip balm from Burt’s Bees. Both are fantastic products. And then, last but certainly not least, coconut for your taste buds. Lately my go-tos are CocoLibre Coconut Water (very hydrating during these heat waves), Dang Coconut Chips, and Core’s Organic Coconut Colada drink. My mouth is actually watering… 

Which team are you on? 


  1. I would have to create my own team and be team berry (cherries, strawberries, blueberries etc)!

  2. I think I'm a team coconut in the scent world, but yeah not so much in the wearing it world. I think I'm a team Pineapple when it comes to clothes and phone cases/tote bags.

  3. I honestly wouldn't be able to pick between being Team Coconut or Team Mango, because I'm a big fan of both. However, if Team Watermelon were thrown into the mix.... I might have to go with that ;)

  4. Ummm coconut and mango are my two favorite things ever. IN FACT I often slice a fresh mango and put a little unsweetened coconut on top! AKA I CANT CHOOSE GUYS!!


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