Short & Sweet (13)

Mini-reviews of New Adult and Romance novels that I enjoyed

pub 5/24/16 by William Morrow
NA - Contemporary
1 Line Summary: Rebellious Avett Walker has gotten herself into a huge mess and the only person who can help her is Quaid Jackson, a high-powered criminal attorney.
The Couple: Avett and Quaid are the kind of couple that shouldn't make sense and yet they totally do.
The Plot: As always with Crownover's books, it's about getting to know the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two. Especially Avett!
Reservations: There's suspense and some "criminal" drama that didn't particularly interest me. I get why it's part of the book but it wasn't my favorite and it felt way over the top at times.
Do I recommend?: Yes! I'll always come back for more of Denver and Marked Men.

pub 2/23/16 by Spencer Hill
NA - Paranormal
1 Line Summary: Josie continues to embrace her demi-god status while Seth struggles with his lust for aether and his growing feelings for Josie as they continue their battle against the Titans.
The Couple: I like Josie and Seth together but they just can't hold a candle to Alex and Aiden.
The Plot: This was more character and relationship driven than its predecessor and the action scenes picked up later on. But I liked reuniting with these characters (and then some), getting deeper into the war against the Titans and the politics of the pure bloods.
Reservations: It's hard not to compare Josie and Seth to Alex and Aiden and I strongly love the latter more. Not just as a couple but as individuals.
Do I recommend?: I do! I always find JLA's books so addicting and this was no exception.

pub 6/17/13 by Night Shift Pub
NA - Contemporary
1 Line Summary: When Logan Reed, a deaf tattoo artist, and Kit, a talented and secretive musician, meet for the first time, they each find something they didn't know they were looking for.
The Couple: Even though it's a severe case of insta-love (that somewhat turned me off at first), I really liked Logan and Kit. The former is a truly good guy and the latter is tenacious and kind. Plus their chemistry is hot hot hot.
The Plot: I loved that Logan's brothers play a big role in the book and that they welcomed Kit into their home. I also loved how deaf-ness and learning sign language was highlighted as well. But most of all, I enjoyed that the book had some depth to it (which I wasn't expecting because of the title and cover!).
Reservations: It's not the best-written book and I could do with a lil' less insta-love but the characters and story make up for it.
Do I recommend?: It's free on Amazon so check it out if you're interested!


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