Lovely Dublin, Part 2

And to continue from yesterday, here's the rest of my trip!

Day 4 | Game of Thrones Tour
This was probably the only day where it wasn't about seeing Ireland but instead.. all about Game of Thrones. We managed to watch the finale abroad because one, I refused to be spoiled on the GoT tour we had booked and two, neither of us could wait! Ireland is actually one of their most used filming locations and it was easy to see why during the tour. (Duh, Ireland is gorgeous.) It was a nice way to see the northern part, go hiking and hear a lot of behind-the-scenes facts about the show. Our tour guide is a regular extra on both GoT and Vikings and was very funny and engaging the entire time. Plus we got to meet Summer and Greywind because his friend owns him! And his friend (and his father) are also GoT extras as well. 

Summer and Greywind from Game of Thrones! • Frey's Twins plus the tree where 
Robb Stark and Talisa said their wedding vows 

Winterfell! • Inch Abbey aka the place where Robb Stark was declared King of the North
The Game of Thrones Tour (yes they made us dress up and those were actual props from the show!)
O'Neills Bar for traditional corned beef and cabbage

Day 5 | Birthday!
Even though I didn't initially plan it this way, I really warmed up to the idea of spending my birthday in another country when we started to figure out dates. And I'm glad it worked out that way. There was something really special about it. Obviously, getting texts and messages from friends and family made the day even better! But turning 33 while in Ireland gave me this moment of like.. yes, this is what I need to do every year. Travel, experience and see new things, and continue living in the moment. I want to keep crossing countries off my bucket list and this trip reminded me why. 

It was just a really great way to end the trip. It was the only truly sunny day in Dublin we experienced (yay!). I ate lots and lots of great food. I visited two book stores (!) and saw more beautiful sights. And I got ice cream. All in all, a perfect day. 

Queen of Tarts for breakfast, scones and coffee
Christ Church Cathedral, founded by the Vikings • their Tudors exhibit (apparently the show used this place often as one of their locations!)
Chester Beatty Library • brightly colored doors are a thing in Dublin! I loved them. 
the view behind the library, which is Dublin Castle.
Kilmainham Gaol, former prison turned museum. So much history here.
The Winding Stair which is a famous landmark, restaurant and bookstore!
Ha'penny Bridge • Dublin Castle
exploring the castle apartments
Creme brulee steamer from Bittersweet Cafe, which we visited 3 times during our stay! • walking down what we started calling "our street" 
birthday dinner at Legends Bar complete with live music • Murphy's Ice Cream


So that was my trip! 
I hope you enjoy the photos because I loved sharing them! 
What's your next trip?


  1. I loved this post! I'm from Dublin and I find the city as fascinating as someone visiting for the first time! I actually traveled out to Kilmainham Jail yesterday , to find it booked out! I was disappointed but very happy to see that it's very popular! They film so much here , it's quite surprising when you read all about it! I'm glad you enjoyed your time here!

  2. This looks so amazing!! OMG the Game of Thrones stuff looks unreal!!! That costuming! SO happy you had such a great time and what a FANTASTIC way to spend a birthday!!

  3. Your photos are amazing! I hope to visit Ireland one day. Thanks for posting!

  4. Seriously, the trip looks incredible! It's so awesome that you got to have such an epic week leading up to and including your birthday <3


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