Cape Cod Weekend

Alexa, Kelly and I met up in Cape Cod, MA for a girls' getaway and it was exactly what I needed! Except there were plenty of shenanigans along the way for myself and Alexa to get there. First I got a stomach bug a day before so I had to drive while I was just getting over it. Then as Alexa and I were driving on Friday, I suddenly realized I was low on gas, the empty light came on, and we exited somewhere in upstate NY to find the nearest gas station. But in NJ, we don't pump our own gas so I accidentally put diesel in my car (the guy there did nothing to stop me!) and it broke down 10 minutes later. We had to find a nearby hotel to stay overnight while my car was fixed and we finally, finally we were on our way to meet Kelly at 1pm which meant we didn't get to Cape Cod until 6pm on Saturday. 


But honestly? It was absolutely worth it to finally have an uninterrupted day and night of hanging out together. 

We sat on the couch talking for hours. We went to great restaurants for dinner and brunch (plus ice cream!). We visited a bookstore and did a bit of exploring. But mostly we just enjoyed each other's company and acted like bookworms (wait 'til you see our t-shirts below). I can't wait for us to do something like this again. Minus the car shenanigans! 

Onto the pictures: 

finally getting to our AirBnB to meet up with Kelly!
super cute loft where we spent most of our first night sitting around talking
dinner at Bobby Byrne's • rocking our BDB shirts (or #shellanlife as we like to call it)
Blueberry pancakes topped with honey-lemon whipped ricotta (so, so good!) from Spoon & Seed • Titcomb's Bookshop
selfie time before looking at books!
wandering around this lovely bookstore 
ending our day with ice cream at Four Seas!


with love,