Review: The Long Game (The Fixer #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Long Game (The Fixer #2)
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
pub 6/7/16 by Bloomsbury
YA - Mystery, Contemp
Received ARC from pub
It’s not often I pick up thrillers or mysteries but The Fixer is the kind of book that hooks you from page one. Still, even though I was looking forward to more books in the series, I wondered just how the author would continue Tess Kendrick’s story. I never should’ve doubted because I loved this book even more than the first. (We’re talking 5 star loved over here!)

The Long Game carries over a lot from The Fixer: namely the same players in their tangled web of politics, the remaining open questions and the emotional conflict Tess feels towards knowing who Ivy really is. I’m glad those elements weren’t disregarded because they needed to be a part of Tess’s journey forward. At the same time, the mystery itself was more or less a standalone and I was thoroughly impressed by the how the story unfolded and its unpredictability. That’s probably what stood out to me the most. Just how good the writing was. I was riveted by every new reveal and bump along the way to the truth. Seriously, my jaw must’ve dropped at least three times. And the characters are just as good, developing in ways that were necessary but also in ways I didn’t see coming. However I will say that Tess is one underrated heroine. Her intelligence, bravery and compassion is something else and her character alone should motivate you to pick up this book.

Do I recommend?
Yes I do! If you’re seeing a lot of glowing reviews for this series, it’s well warranted. Definitely check it out!


with love,