Books in Real Life, Episode 13: When We Collided

For this month's Books in Real Life we chose... When We Collided by Emery Lord! We're both huge fans of this author and couldn't wait to feature another book of hers so we were happy to find two things in When We Collided that we could do. The main characters, Vivi and Jonah, meet for the first time while painting pottery so that was #1 on our list. Then Jonah's family owns a restaurant, which means not only is Jonah a great cook but he makes pizza for Vivi on her first night over his house. So after painting, #2 was definitely going to a nearby family-owned restaurant for delicious pizza. 

Here are some of our favorite photos from our day!

Inspiration for the coasters we were about to paint!
all set up and ready to paint • the first coaster I painted
side by side with the book • the beginnings of my second coaster & loving the paint splatter
both of us painting away 
We had to do Rachel/Alexa was here!
Yummy pizza from Leone's
We were taking a picture and were hilariously photobombed.
(I actually know this guy; he works at the hair salon I go to!)

One week later...
Here are the finished coasters and they turned out beautifully!


Survey time! At the end of every Books In Real Life post, we are going to answer a few questions:

Anything you wish you'd known beforehand?
We were actually pretty prepared! Even though we didn't know what pottery to choose initially, we knew what we wanted to paint and what colors to use. It all came together really well.

What was your favorite part? Definitely the painting. It super fun and surprisingly relaxing. I wouldn't have minded more time to paint!

Would we do it again? Yes! It's fun and doesn't cost much at all. Plus the place Doin' Dishes is located in a really cute town (Montclair, NJ if you were wondering) so it's perfect for painting and then walking around afterward to go shopping and grab lunch. 


But before you go, here's the video Alexa created:

Don't forget to head over Alexa's blog to see her post!


  1. Hahaha that guy photobombing you is hilarious! And I really have to read this book already!

  2. THAT is the BEST. Saw Emery Lord's re-tweet of your tweet about this and so glad I came to check it out! I'm going to have to get one of my buddies to do something like that with me. Such a fun idea!

  3. I'm so happy that we got the chance to visit Doin' Dishes! I seriously wouldn't mind doing it again, just to indulge in my "creative" side ;)


with love,