Review: Shuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein

Shuffle, Repeat by Jen Klein
pub 5/3/16 by Random House Books
for Young Readers
YA - Contemporary
Music, opposites attract, a guy and a girl who've known each other forever. Plus the author is a writer on Grey's Anatomy (still one of my favorite shows!). I mean, there was seriously no way I wasn't going to fall in love with this book. And to prove that I did: I read it in one sitting and as soon as I finished I went onto Amazon to pre-order (it came out on May 3rd). Clearly, I loved it!

Shuffle, Repeat is told from June's point-of-view but there would be no story without Oliver and we see that right from the get-go. Their moms have been best friends forever and since June doesn't know how to drive, they've made an arrangement to have Oliver drive June to school every day. From the moment she sits in his car, it couldn't be more apparent how different they are. They don't like the same music at all (I immensely enjoyed their bickering about it) but their biggest difference of opinion came from how they each viewed high school (oh man, this was even better!). For June, high school is just something to get through because it's a pre-cursor to "real life". For Oliver, he's all about making the most of the experience. The book becomes this battle of wits as they try to convince the other they're right. I loved what they were able to teach the other, particularly in June's case, because I think we all need reminding sometimes that we do now does, in fact, matter.

I adored June and Oliver. Even though it seems like they fit into some stereotypical teenage tropes, they don't and we see more than just the blossoming relationship between them. She's got a diverse set of friends and (dun dun dun), a boyfriend. There's a lot about expanding your circle of friends, being more open, stuff with her family (and his) and just a lot of growing up and learning about yourself in the process. Likewise, Oliver isn't some popular guy at school. He's genuinely nice, friendly and goofy. Totally the guy you'd want or hope to fall for at that age. (Heck, even my age now!) I was really impressed by how the author juggled multiple storylines, a ton of characters and made them all fit together by the end.

Do I recommend?
So much yes. The writing, the pacing, the characters – all totally on point. I can't wait for more from this author!


  1. This one sounds really cute! I really love reading across all genres when it comes to books, but there’s something about contemporaries that just hook me in. This one sounds like one that will! Great review–glad you liked this one :D

  2. This sounds really cute! Is there an epilogue by chance?

  3. I just heard about this one near its release date and thought it sounded like a fun summery read. I'm hoping to check it out once my library's copies are processed (sometime between now and infinity *cry*) and am even more excited about it after seeing your glowing review!

  4. I already wanted to read this because you had told me I would like it! But the details in your review have made me even MORE excited to get to it. It sounds absolutely wonderful, and a perfect contemporary read for this weather!


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