Monday Rambles

One of the best feelings may be when you start off a week thinking it'll be the worst and instead it ends up being pretty good. That's the kind of week the last seven days have been and I'm hoping for more of that goodness again. So I thought I'd do something I haven't done in forever on the blog and just ramble about life lately.

Things started off with a super demanding project at work that I found myself slightly scared to take on. But also really excited about. It's something that's going to challenge me as a UX designer and last week I had some major deadlines to hit by Friday. I was so sure it couldn't be done (my pessimistic side was out in full force on Monday) but then I actually did it! I was so happy with the results, as was my boss, and I just felt good about my work. I sometimes feel a bit of impostor syndrome (it's a real thing!) but that feeling was nowhere in sight by Friday.

Then on Tuesday, I finally saw Waitress with Estelle! I was skeptical about how a movie like Waitress, which isn't exactly light and uplifting, would translate to Broadway. But it did! (And it didn't.) I think the best parts were whenever the three women were together. They're all phenomenal singers who sound great individually and together. But I also loved all the pie-making moments and one of the girl's boyfriends, who was hilarious. When it got to the heavier scenes (like the crappy husband), it was a bit uncomfortable to witness on stage and it did drag a bit. But overall, I really enjoyed it! (My favorite songs are: When He Sees Me and She Used To Be Mine.)

Hm, what else? I did a lot of worrying and some over-thinking last week and will probably continue to do so again this week. There's just stuff going on at home that's hard not to worry about (send good vibes my way!) and lots of thoughts about the ever-changing nature of friendships. I keep thinking about something Lauren DeStefano tweeted: "There are no good friends and bad friends. They are only friends and not friends." It may seem like a harsh demarcation but at the same time it's like, if someone is a bad friend or isn't there for me, why should I just accept that? People never stop growing and I think that means friendships have to evolve and grow with you as well. But if you find yourself drifting apart, is it so bad to let run the friendship run its own course? I don't think so but sometimes it makes me wonder if I'm a bad person for feeling that way.

And last but not least, the weekend! My plan was do nothing but the opposite ended up happening. I got dinner with Carina and we stopped by B&N for a bit. Then I had family things to take care of, I read a really good book (Shuffle, Repeat!), went shopping with Mary Ann and got dinner at a place where we picked up sushi off a conveyor belt (!). I went all Marie Kondo on my closet again and best of all, Game of Thrones premiered. This was so much better than doing nothing!

How are you all doing these days?


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I've been wanting to see Waitress! And I agree re: friendships. I think that it's natural for people to grow apart and the ones that are meant to be in our lives will make sure they stay part of them. It's much better to fall out of friendship and let go of something that isn't there than to have a huge falling out or to keep grasping at something that isn't making you happy.

  2. I've been so eager to see your thoughts on Waitress. Glad you enjoyed parts but interesting to hear it had some down sides which given the plot does make sense I guess.

    I'm in the process of doing KonMari on my books and clothes again too. I didn't really look at my summer clothes properly when I did it last winter so it's been interesting and showed me some holes in my wardrobe that needed to be remedied.

    I think it's really important to choose the people you keep in your life and I think it's totally fair to also choose when to let people go. It's seems like a natural part of life to me.

    Hope this week is going just as well as last week.

  3. I quite like when you do posts like this one, R! It's always nice to get a sense of how your life has been going, and what you've been up to <3


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