The Travel Bug

I spent most of my life afraid of flying and simultaneously wanting to see the world which, as you can imagine, was a bit of a problem. When I told myself I had to get over it a couple years ago and that surprisingly worked, it couldn’t have happened at a better time in my life. Suddenly, I was flying out to visit my cousin in California. I was traveling often to Texas for work (something I didn’t know I’d have to do when I took on that job). And I had found myself a travel buddy to go on trips with. It all definitely woke up my wanderlust.

Then last year, I barely traveled. It was a mix of having a new job again, bad timing and just.. I don’t even know. I knew I needed to fix that this year but it wasn’t until a recent conversation with coworkers that really made me take action. I was out getting lunch with a couple girls on my team and we were talking about possible vacation plans this year. They spoke first mentioning Greece, Berlin, Dublin, Turks & Caicos and more. And when it got to me, I said hopefully California, Florida and maybe Montreal. But in my mind I was thinking — WHY ARE ALL MY TRIPS IN THE US?! How come I don’t have plans like that? Why is everything a “maybe” for me?

It really irked me and the next day, I texted my close friend and traveling partner-in-crime and said, “Just wanted to say hi and tell you how desperate I am to travel this year.” She said she felt the same way, asked me where we should go and when (see, this is one of the many reasons why we're friends!). I did less than half an hour of quick research and texted back with 4 options (if you’re curious, they were Tokyo, Prague, England and Dublin). We quickly decided on Dublin because it’s beautiful and the price was something we could quickly save up for. A week later, we booked an AirBnB and a week after that I booked my flight. Best of all, we’re going the week of my birthday which gives me something extra to look forward to this summer.

Since then, I also booked tickets to California to see said friend and my cousin. I just feel like I can breathe easier now. I mean, that probably sounds dramatic but I genuinely felt like I was stuck in a rut last year and I’m determined to not let that be the case again. Traveling always seems to clear my mind and I’m looking forward to days of escaping to somewhere brand new.


Do any of you guys experience wanderlust as strongly?
And if any of you have been to Dublin before, I'd love recommendations!


  1. I've always wanted to travel outside of the US but alas, I have yet to do so. I'm planning on going to Japan in maybe a couple of years. I know my mom wanted to take my sister and I to South Korea at some point so I'm really excited about that.

  2. How exciting!! Yay for you! I've always wanted to go to Dublin! I've been feeling so stir crazy and having that severe travel bug as well. With me getting laid off after our wedding and really living closer to paycheck to paycheck it wasn't feasible for the past couple years but between tax returns and saving and other things we booked our trip for Madrid and London in the fall and leave April 29 for two weeks and honestly it's just made me in such a good mood KNOWING I've got some travel planned though I'm like counting the days every time I want to cry at work lol. It will be fun because, besides Punta Cana and Mexico, Will and I haven't traveled abroad together. I've been to London before but he hasn't so it will be fun to do it together and we will be visiting friends in Madrid so GAHHH SO EXCITED.

    cannot wait to hear all about your trip!! Oh yes and we are doing Airbnb too and I'm so stoked to be giving it a try! The lady who owns ours seems so great!!

  3. I definitely want to travel more but with kids in college it's not really feasible. I do understand that itch to go somewhere though! Enjoy Dublin! We will be treating ourselves to a trip to Ireland once we make the last tuition payment and I can't wait

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I always get hit with a restlessness at various points during the year because I find myself itching to get out of my familiar, comfort zone and go visit somewhere new. I really think it's quite exciting that you're going to go to Dublin! I've always wanted to go to Ireland, and I can't wait to live vicariously through your experiences <3

  5. I wish I could travel more. I mean, I can, but I have so many reservations about spending money right now, that it makes planning a trip way too overwhelming. The last trip I took was to Chicago for the weekend in October. I only live a couple hours away, so a train ride is absolutely perfect and kind to my pocket book (I think I spent $54 round trip!). I such a hard time separating myself from money, but I know the experience and time away is much needed right about now.

    A trip to Ireland has been my dream vacation since college. Back then, the cost of plane tickets wasn't terribly obscene. I think I spotted some for $500 round trip. I sadly never made it happen though. I chickened out because I had never flown by myself before. I can't wait to read about your adventures in Dublin. I hope it's as amazing as I think it is :D


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