Stacking the Shelves (31)

It's been a great month of books! I've been sticking to my "no more than 5 books" a month policy (although I totally broke that rule this week) and the ones I did buy, I really wanted on my shelves. Not to mention I got some unexpected surprises in the mail that I can't wait to read. So without further ado..


What new books have you guys gotten lately?


  1. Seriously though, that particular set of A Song of Ice and Fire is GORGEOUS. I just love the way they all look together, and I am sometimes sorely tempted to buy these and try to read the series again! Also, yay for The Shadow Queen. You already know how much I adore that book <3

  2. Wow, those Game of Thrones books certainly are bricks! They are beautiful. Have you read any of them yet?

  3. I saw that Game of Thrones set at Costco the other day, and WOW are they beautiful! I love the details at the top. For books I've bought recently: just The Raven Boys! I'm trying to limit my spendings to only the books I will read immediately. And you know, I haven't read it yet. Of course, haha. I want to at least start the series before the last book comes out though!


with love,