Happy Thoughts

Whenever I find myself dwelling too much on the negative, it's important for me to step back, take a deep breath and remind myself of the positive. 2016 has been off to somewhat of a rough start and I'll admit, I've been hopping on the woe-is-me train more often than I'd like. But I've been trying to put a stop to that by putting some plans in motion, indulging in a bit of shopping and taking a moment to focus of all the things that are currently making me smile.

dreaming of trips to come (trying to plan two!)
friends who respond to texts with exactly what I need to hear
buying ballet tickets (Misty Copeland + Stella Abrera!)
buying tickets to see Smart People (Joshua Jackson!)
treating myself to a gorgeous wallet
finding a cute coral dress 
random warm days when I can wear flats
grey jeans that fit perfectly 
being able to show what I'm capable of at work
dinner at Koi, one of my favorite NYC restaurants
celeb crushes Matthias Schoenaerts + Scott Eastwood
the return of my shows, The Flash and The 100
getting packages in the mail
really good hair days that get compliments
morning naps on the bus 
cutting back on sugar & somehow surviving
Warby Parker glasses (I found a pair I like!)
seeing my parents and fam every Sunday for lunch
knowing there's a three day weekend coming up

What are your happy thoughts?


  1. I could not be more excited for the 3 day weekend! Commuting has been extra rough since I started my new job because of all the weather stuff and it's been exhausting :-/ I can't wait to see which Warby Parker glasses you chose! I've always wanted a pair of those! And I really hope things will turn around for you soon<3 ~Sending positive vibes~

  2. I am super, super excited that we are watching THREE ballets together! It's going to be freaking amazing, and I honestly just cannot wait :) And yeah, I feel you on the melancholy vibes. January was hard for me because I was having such horrible winter blues, and feeling lethargic. February has been a bit better so far, and I hope it continues! It's helped to have friends like you <3 Hope things keep getting better!


with love,