BookBag (35): The Travises

Monthly feature where I pair books with bags or share what's in a bag (mine or otherwise!) est. 4/2013.

Even though I might've been doing a bit of grumbling on Valentine's Day, the romantic in me always appreciates a good love story. And who writes really amazing romances? Well, Lisa Kleypas, of course. I've read both her contemporary and her historical romances but The Travises are my absolute favorite and that's the series I'm featuring today. And in case you were wondering, my two favorite guys are Joe Travis from Brown-Eyed Girl and Gage Travis from Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddy + Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Mix Bag | I love the original covers of these books and wish they had stuck with them! The pink and yellow really pop and I wanted a bag that had both those colors. 

Blue-Eyed Devil + Big Buddha Grayson Hobo Bag | This was one of the easier books to do since it's so straightforward but I love the bag I found. It's a pretty shade and even the detail on it matches the cover. 

Smooth Talking Stranger + Rebecca Minkoff Micro Perry Satchel | I searched everywhere for a bag with blue and/or red details but no such luck! In the end, I went with an all-white back from a designer I can never get enough of. 

Brown-Eyed Girl + Moda Operandi Delpozo Bag | Seeing as this is my favorite book in the series, I had to find the perfect bag and I did! 

Which bag + book pairing is your favorite?
And have you read any of these books?


  1. If only I could afford the D&G and Delpozo bags - I love them so! Great pairings, far, I think Blue-Eyed Devil might be the better book, but I LOVE Gage and Liberty...

  2. I can't actually choose a favourite - they all work so well, because the colour scheme is just on point! I haven't read any of these books, so if I had to pick a book-bag pairing, it would be the Smooth Talking Stranger + the Rebecca Minkoff Micro Perry Satchel! :) Just because I LOVE the design of that bag! :)

  3. Honestly, R, you're so good at finding bags to pair with book covers! I'm obviously pleased that you decided to go the way of the Travises. That series is so freaking phenomenal, and I'm so happy I finally managed to get you to read it. If I were to pick a favorite BAG, I'd go with the Rebecca Minkoff because it's the classic sort of shape I personally like. But I could never pick a real favorite of all these stories!


with love,