Dark Caravan Cycle Covers Reveal

As a member of Heather Demetrios' blogger caravan, I and my fellow caravanners get to share something awesome with you today – a covers (!) reveal! Yes, both books in the series have gotten a makeover and I, for one, am a fan of the new look.

So without further ado...

About Blood Passage, the next installment which comes out on March 16, 2016: 

A jinni who’s lost everything.

A master with nothing to lose.

A revolutionary with everything to gain.

When Nalia arrives in Morocco to fulfill Malek’s third and final wish she’s not expecting it to be easy. Especially because Malek isn’t the only one after Solomon’s sigil, an ancient magical ring that gives its wearer the power to control the entire jinn race. Nalia has also promised to take Raif, leader of the jinn revolution, to its remote location. Though Nalia is free of the bottle and shackles that once bound her to Malek as his slave, she’s in more danger than ever before and no closer to rescuing her imprisoned brother.

Meanwhile, Malek’s past returns with a vengeance and his well-manicured faade crumbles as he confronts the darkness within himself, and Raif must decide what’s more important: his love for Nalia, or his devotion to the cause of Arjinnan freedom.

Set upon by powerful forces that threaten to break her, Nalia encounters unexpected allies and discovers that her survival depends on the very things she thought made her weak. From the souks of Marrakech to the dunes of the Sahara, The Arabian Nights come to life in this harrowing second installment of the Dark Caravan Cycle.


Hope you're all as excited about this book as I am!

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  1. I really like the way they've made these redesigned covers look minimalist! It's very clever, and these would totally catch my eye if I was browsing a shelf in the bookstore.


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