2015: Movies, Music, TV

I think every day this week I will probably be asking myself how it's already the end of 2015! But continuing with my usual end-of-the-year stuff, I'm sharing my top songs, shows and movies. None of my answers surprised me and I'm hoping that if you haven't heard or seen any of the following, I'll be able to convince you to do so. (Or if you have, you'll gush along with me!)

Top 15 Most-Played Songs 
Spotify came out with a Year in Music site to let you see which songs you listened to the most. (This made my life so much easier!) But in truth, I had a pretty good idea already, even without it.

Rixton - We All Want The Same Thing
Selena Gomez - Hands to Myself
Japanese Wallpaper - Forces
Zak Waters - Over You
Nobody to Love - Alex Newell
Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran - I Was Made for Loving You
Jess Glynn - Ain’t Got Too Far To Go
AWOLNATION - Woman Woman
Leona Lewis - Thunder
James Bay - Let It Go
Ariana Grande - Why Try
Florence + the Machine - What Kind of Man
Miguel, Lenny Kravitz - face the sun
Daya - U12
Jana Kramer - Good Time Comin’ On

Top 13 Shows
I watch a lot of TV. I know this! But even I was surprised by number of new shows I got hooked on in 2015. There were just so many good ones! For me, it was definitely the year of superheroes plus a hot Scot and a crazy hacker.

newbies | Daredevil, The Flash, Outlander, Jessica Jones, Mr. Robot

oldies that are still awesome | The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, House of Cards, Orphan Black, The 100, The Leftovers, The Affair

Top 5 Movies
I didn't see as many movies this year as I had hoped too. Which is sad, considering I used to be a movie buff but there's always next year!

• Rudderless - Totally underrated movie. I love Billy Crudup and when I watched this on DVD, I immediately bought the soundtrack.
Begin Again - You might start to see a pattern but another music movie! I admit I'm not a huge Keira Knightley fan but in spite of that, I loved this. I bought the DVD and the soundtrack after watching.
Insurgent - I know a lot of people hate on this movie but I can't because.. THEO JAMES. He just gets hotter with each film and I totally appreciate that.
Amy - Heartbreaking documentary about an amazing talent.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - There are not enough words for how much I loved this movie. It reminded me of what an experience going to the movie theatre can be. This movie made me cry, laugh and grip my seat in suspense. I was seriously having ALL the feelings while watching and it's undoubtedly the best movie I've seen all year.

What were some of your favorite music, movies and songs from this past year? 
Better yet - anything you'd like to recommend to me?


  1. I love that Selena Gomez, James Bay, Ariana Grande, Jana Kramer & Jess Glynne have songs among the top tracks you've listened to! (They're all artists I listened to a LOT this year as well.) And yay for Daredevil & Jessica Jones, which are both shows I loved! As for films, we actually did the opposite - I've watched more movies than I have in the past few years, which is surprising. Still, you watched some great ones (especially Star Wars and Begin Again, which I loved!).

  2. YASSSSS to Star Wars! Loved it so much!! I also really liked Insurgent!


with love,