Happy (and Thankful) Thoughts

I wrote this post a week ago but last night, I had to come in and change it. Honestly, I almost decided to delete it. But I think between some personal and difficult stuff going on in my life right now and Thanksgiving being only a few days away, more than ever I want to express appreciation and thankfulness. Whether it's the little things that brighten up my day or big things I never ever want to take for granted, like my family or friends. I want to always remember to take a moment and recognize the good in my life.

photo credit
family family family
my beautiful grandmother
spending much-needed time with friends
having this whole week off
Christmas (!) planning with the cousins
used bookstore finds
knowing there's chocolate in the fridge
looking at old photos with family
(and laughing hysterically while doing so)
hot taro bubble tea
Madewell sweaters & jewelry
Sunday naps on the couch
being able to vent without judgement
people who make you feel loved & appreciated
finding a good pair of boots
warm bagels with cream cheese
sleeping in & snuggling under the covers
peaceful wall colors
redecorating my bedroom
constant love & support
did I mention my family?

What are your happy thoughts?


  1. One of the things that makes me happy are the genuinely good, wonderful friendships I've made as an adult. I'm seriously so grateful for our friendship, and how I've found someone I can truly confide in, who shares my interests and lets me just be me no matter what. Love you, R <3

  2. Love this post! November is my favorite time in the blog-o-sphere because it's a time where everyone (almost) is generally happy and giving thanks all around!
    A few of the things that make me happy are my family and friends, good books, and amazing hot cocoa! :)


with love,