Books in Real Life, Episode 9: Since You've Been Gone

For this month's Books In Real Life we chose... Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson! In her novel, we meet Sloane, whose best friend Emily has just left without warning at the beginning of summer. Emily leaves behind a to-do list for her, all of which are meant to take Sloane out of her comfort zone. One such task is “apple picking at night” and we thought that would be perfect for fall! (Minus the at night part.) 

Alexa and I joke that we say this after every adventure we go on (which we do!) but this may be our best Books in Real Life to date! Probably because we had a couple impulsive ideas that totally worked. Two days before our mini road trip, I succumbed to buying a selfie stick (believe me, it pains me to admit that but we were able to take such great pictures with it!) and Alexa randomly decided to take video (you’ll see it at the end!). But most of all, it was just a perfect fall day for apple picking. Complete with plaid shirts, singing along to Jana Kramer in the car and apple cider donuts to top it all off. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself! 

Here are my favorites of the many pictures we took, starting with the drive down and arriving at Warwick Valley! 

We went on a short hay ride ride to the apple orchard and obviously took more pictures.

The pretty orchard

Us picking apples!

Post apple-picking fun


Survey time! At the end of every Books In Real Life post, we are going to answer a few questions:

Anything you wish you'd known beforehand?
 I had a feeling we should've gone earlier in October but it's been a busy month for us both! Luckily there were still apples when we went but it was slim pickings. (Pun not intended.)

What was your favorite part? It's hard to pick a favorite! The whole day was a lot more picturesque than I expected it to be and I wanted to savor and capture every moment of it from the drive up until we left. 

Would we do it again? Definitely! And I'd want to go to the exact same place.  

Now for something a little different, here's the video Alexa created ... 

Until next time!

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  1. I really had fun picking apples with you! It's such a festive activity, and I definitely think we should do it again. And the video was so, so much fun to make!


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