Salt Lake City, UT

My best friends and I went to Salt Lake City, UT last weekend and even though it was probably the shortest vacation ever (we were there for less than 2 days!), it was exactly what I needed. Loren was in SLC for the week for CookieCon because she's trying to turn her side baking business into a full-time profession (see her Facebook page here!) and she asked Carina & I to fly out for the weekend. We flew in Friday late afternoon and came back home Sunday morning but, we absolutely made the most of our Saturday! 

We ate a lot of good food (Bruges, Waffles & Frites, Naked Fish, Capo Gelateria), stopped by a free outdoor festival (we bought some super cute jewelry from local designers), walked around enough to get a tan and visited the Salt Lake City Library (it's gorgeous!) + Temple Square. But the part that stood out the most to me was just being able to talk about everything and anything the entire time. There was no need to rush home or to one of our many responsibilities. It reminded me of college when we'd stay up late talking for no reason at all. Getting away from the real world for a little bit and unwinding was something I really needed to do. 

Now onto the my many pictures!

on the plane to SLC | at the outdoor festival!

different pretty sites as we walked to the library in 90 degree weather!
if my library looked like this, I'd go all the time! 
two of many attempts at selfies. we finally got the hang of it ;)
inside the library | views from the rooftop 
Temple Square, which is one of the city's main attractions
At Template Square | Stracciatella gelato, one of my faves! 
Chieken oysters, salmon + mackerel nigiri + some of the freshest sushi I've ever had from Naked Fish


I hope to visit Salt Lake City again sometime! 


  1. ahhh these pictures are GORGEOUS! that library is so beautiful, it makes me want to move to SLC. the last time i was in salt lake city was four or so years ago, but i couldn't see much because i was there for a convention and we were indoors the whole time. this post makes me want to revisit the city and see all of its glory!! loved this! xxx alexandra @ twirling pages

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed your visit! I live here, and it's so much fun and so beautiful! I never get tired of it! The library is pretty amazing... lol. :)

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! I wish I had the opportunity to take short vacations like that but maybe some day! Love the pictures :D

  4. Looks like you had a blast! Love the photos, especially the food ones! :)

  5. So proud of your selfie game! You're getting really good ;) Also, Salt Lake City looks GORGEOUS. I love how bright and sunny it was, and how picturesque. So glad you were able to get away with the girls, and even more that you all got to hang out and really spend time together!


with love,