Return to Green Gables: All the Pretty Covers!

I can't be a part of an Anne of Green Gables appreciation week and not talk about my collection! I started collecting copies of Anne by accident. I already owned the set but a friend of mine gifted me with a gorgeous hardcover of the first book. Then another new set came out that I thought was really pretty and I thought, I'll just get the first book. Then this happened a few more times and a couple other friends gifted me with other editions. And before I knew it, I was up to 15 copies! I love all the ones I own but I'm going to break it down and share the covers I think are prettiest, which hold sentimental value for me and which ones I currently have on my wishlist!

These were all gifted to me by dear friends (namely Alexa & Hannah!) 

And of course, here is my full collection!

Which covers are your favorite?


Read my welcome post to find out what Return to Green Gables is all about


  1. I love that there's a bit of consistency to the covers that you've shared - the way Anne looks and the predominant presence of green! I'm so glad I was able to add a little something to your collection ;)

  2. My best friend is obsessed with Anne of Green Gables, so she showed me the movie, but I need to read the book! These covers are beautiful!


with love,