First & Then Book Superlative Blog Tour: Most Diverse (+ Giveaway!)

I'm excited to be participating in the First & Then Superlative Blog Tour! Not only was the book incredibly enjoyable but I love the theme of this tour. Each blogger was assigned a different superlative and mine is most diverse. In light of recent diversity campaigns (see We Need More Diverse Books + the Dive into Diversity reading challenge) and as someone with a diverse background, I feel lucky to be featuring these kinds of books today! 

When I started thinking about diversity, I didn't just think of culturally diverse books. I felt that word diverse could encompass so many things – cultural, religious, disabilities, LGBTQ – and I think the books myself and the lovely author Emma Mills chose showcase that.

My Picks

Devoted, Jennifer Mathieu
Such an insightful and quietly powerful book about religion.

There Will Come a Time, Carrie Arcos 
One of the few YA books (that I'm aware of!) with a Filipino MC.

Harmonic Feedback,  Tara Kelly 
The protagonist has a "touch of Asperger's" and I loved the narration & character so much.

This Ordinary Life, Jennifer Walkup
I read this a month ago & was impressed! It deals with epilepsy (and alcoholism). It's flying under the radar but I highly recommend.

I’ll Give You the Sun, Jandy Nelson
This is a beautifully written book that slowly builds up to a moment that had me crying my eyes out. 
Emma's Picks

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe, Benjamin Alire Sáenz
What a heartbreakingly beautiful story. Impeccably told!

Freak the Mighty, Rodman Philbrick
I first read this as a kid, and I still find it so moving—funny, sad, nervewracking, and ultimately so fulfilling. 

Everything Leads To You, Nina LaCour
I got so wrapped up in this book! Love the romance and the film aspect to it. 

The Great Greene Heist, Varian Johnson
I really love capers, and The Great Greene Heist is no exception—a fun, fast-paced MG that reads like a junior high Ocean’s 11. 

A Hero At The End of The World, Erin Claiborne
What if the Chosen One is NOT the Chosen One? Love the concept for this book and the execution! 

Thank you so much for stopping by Emma and sharing your picks!


The publisher was kind enough to offer 1 finished copy of First & Then as a giveaway! It's US only and the winner will be announced on October 11th

Don't forget to check out the rest of the tour stops below!


  1. EXCELLENT CHOICES, BOTH OF YOU! I loved seeing your diverse book picks for your post :)

  2. This book has been getting so much hype. I'm so curious to see how it holds up to it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  3. Great post! This book looks really good; I'd love to read it!

  4. These books are great choices, from you both! As for my superlative in high school... "most goody-two-shoes"? "Most sheltered"? Are those things? That would be me for sure! OH or "most obsessed with swimming"! Thanks so much for the chance!


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