What's In My Bag | Alexa from Alexa Loves Books

Today, we're getting a peek into Alexa's (from Alexa Loves Books) bag!

I love doing What's In My Bag posts! The last time I did this for Rachel was in 2014, so it was high time I do another so you guys can see what's changed since then.

Purse | Kate Spade | I forget exactly what style this one is. But I LOVE Kate Spade bags! This is one I'm particularly fond of because of the vibrant blue color. It's pretty roomy on the inside.

Traveler's Notebook | FoxyDori | Hannah (of So Obsessed With) was the one who taught me all about this amazing, practical thing. I store a notebook, blog calendar, pencil case, odds and ends in it and it's definitely an easier way to stay organized!

Phone | iPhone 5S | I love that this current case I'm using works with the color scheme of this photo. Ahem. I love my phone. It's how I stay connected with family and friends; it's also where I most often use social media like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

iPhone Charger | I generally never leave the house without this in my bag! My battery life is pretty shot, unfortunately, so I usually have to charge it up at least once in the day. You never know when you'll be able to plug it in!

Hand Sanitizer Spray | Hygienix | I got this back in April when I was in the Philippines! I always carry it because you can never be too cautious when it comes to making sure your hands are clean.

MetroCard | Since I live in NYC, the most practical way to travel is via subway. I need the card to get through the turnstiles, so yes, definitely can't forget that!

Keys on Hufflepuff Keychain | I obviously need the keys to get into my apartment and to lock up! I just wanted to show off this rad keychain my best friend Danica gave me. Hufflepuff pride!

Wallet | Kate Spade | This wallet has seen a lot of wear and tear over the past year. (It was my 2014 birthday present for myself!) I love it because it's so roomy. I can carry a bunch of cards, a checkbook, cash and other odds and ends. If I don't want to carry my bag, I can slip my phone into it and it serves as a mini-clutch.

Lip balm | Maybelline Baby Lips | I love this lip balm! It's the perfect size to carry around, and it has a great neutral shade to it.

Candy | Icebreakers Sours | I always have to carry candy in my purse, since I'm prone to getting lightheaded when I'm too hot or too hungry. These are my current favorite!

Book | Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout | Yes, I am finally reading this series ender! I meant to read it when it came out last year, but never got around to it. Excited to find out what happens to Daemon and Katy! Plus, Rachel is a huge fan of this series and I know she'd be happy to know I'm finally reading it.

What book (and other cute things) are in YOUR bag right now?

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  1. I always love seeing a new installment of this feature. I'm kind of jealous of people who can carry big wallets like that. I love the idea of them but end up squeezing everything into a much smaller wallet because the big ones take up too much real estate in my purse. Alas!

  2. The Kate Spade wallet looks really nice! Love the bag too.

  3. I really love doing this feature! It's always fun to me to see what other people have in their bags, and I do like sharing my version of this post too ;) I'm so happy I finally got to feature this bag!!!

  4. Love the Kate Spade bag! Alexa has good taste!


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