Life lately, according to my iPhone

It's been a fun past few weeks and probably the most relaxed I've felt in a while. Hopefully it stays that way! At least through the rest of the summer. I've been crossing lots of things off my lists, eating good food, seeing authors/bookish things I love and just enjoying time with friends. And you'll probably quickly notice that my partner-in-crime for everything these days has been Alexa :)

Now onto the pictures! (There are a lot.)

We played hooky the week before last and you'll find out why next month! But we started off our day with brunch at The Upsider which was delicious. I loved the decor since it was a lot of yellow and purple tabletops.
We ended the day at Emack & Bolio's, which was one of the places on my Project Ice Cream list.  
Alexa told me about RWA (Romance Writers of America: "Readers for Life" Literacy Autographing; held 7/22/15) and initially I was going just to keep her company. Until I saw the list, which included Melanie Scott (I got a copy of The Shattered Court which I'm excited to read!) and ...
Huntley Fitzpatrick! I had never met her before and I felt like such a spaz going up to her. Then the first words out of my mouth were about Jase Garrett being one of my #1 book boyfriends and we shared a laugh over that. She is just adorable! Then, of course, it was lovely walking around and chatting with Alexa, DJ and Lili. I love that picture of us. 
This past Friday, Alexa and I went to check out the Hunger Games Exhibit at Discovery Times Square. I'm a huge fan of the movies and loved seeing all the costumes and behind-the-scenes tibits.
They really did a great job with the exhibit and with making it very interactive. So many details!
My favorite was probably seeing all of Katniss' most distinctive outfits at the end though.  
After the exhibit, we crossed off another ice cream off my list called Wooly's! It's in this place called City Kitchen, which we have to check out again soon because of all the food to try.
And finally, we ended the day with a signing at Books of Wonder for the Tunnel Tour featuring Susan Adrian, Kody Keplinger, Kara Thomas, Miranda Kenneally and Danielle Vega. We went to see Miranda and it was so lovely getting to talk to her. She's so nice and if you haven't picked up her books or her latest, Jesse's Girl, you should!


What have you all been up to lately?


  1. oo, looks like so much fun! :D

  2. Basically, we just hang out all the time ;) But seriously, I just love the fact that we get to hang out and do so many fun things together! Always makes an already awesome time even better. Here's to more adventures! <3

  3. What a fabulous day!! I wish I could have been there, especially because I'm DYING to see the Hunger Games Exhibit. HELLO, YES PLEASE. I would just pretend Peeta was actually in the costumes (and probably then realize just how short Josh Hutcherson is BUT WHATEVER). Love that you shared all these photos... and I'm totally pretending I was right there with you!

  4. Looks like you've been making the most of the summer! I went with my friend Nicole to the Hunger games Exhibition a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun! I have been wearing basically all of my HG souvenir jewelry to keep the (strong) fandom enthusiasm alive.


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