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Summer always tends to be a pretty busy time for me. Lots of family birthdays (including my own) and plans to be made with friends. It's a time I am forever looking forward to and this summer is no exception. Plus it's off to a great start! 

my baby cousin, the new college grad / celebrating with the fam!

It's hard to believe but my youngest cousin graduated from college a couple weeks ago. I can't say enough how proud I am of him. So naturally, we had to throw a party! My cousin's girlfriend and I took it upon ourselves to do all the decorating and let's just say, everyone was impressed. We cleaned the garage, decorated it with balloons and streamers, had a WWF theme (my cousin loves wrestling) and even got a fire pit for s'mores at the end of the night. One of my uncles loved how everything turned out so much that he's already told me he wants his birthday party to be just like it.

my favorite mug and cupcake / my betta fish, rowan

Work is a challenge (to say the least) during the week so when I have a free weekend with no plans, I make the most of it. In the last few weeks here's what I've randomly made time to do:  I've baked red velvet cupcakes (which I hadn't done in a while!). I let myself sit on the couch with coffee, Netflix ready to go and of course, books to read. And I've been taking good care of my betta fish, Rowan.  I'm happy -- and honestly, surprised -- that he's still alive so I decided to decorate his home with Hello Kitty last weekend. It's a pretty nice addition, don't you think? 

with the lovely Trish Doller / one of the two books she signed!

And lastly, the Boldly Bookish tour featuring Trish Doller, Emery Lord, Tiffany Schmidt and A.C. Gaughen, made their first stop at Books of Wonder last week. I was so excited because I had never met Trish before. She is just as sweet in person as she is online and I wasted no time gushing over her books when we talked. But the whole panel was great. The four authors were funny, charismatic and shared so many thoughts and anecdotes. I hope they make another stop at Books of Wonder soon! 

How's your life been lately? 


  1. I was happy to catch you (even for a minute) at Boldly Bookish--that event was so much fun! I also HIGHLY approve of your decoration for Rowan's tank. Well chosen!

  2. Summer is my favorite season because there's usually so much going on! I love the look of your cousin's graduation party, and yay for Rowan being alive still ;)


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