BookBags (26): What's In Betty's Bag?

Monthly feature where I pair books with bags or share what's in a bag (mine or otherwise!) est. 4/2013.

Today, we're getting a peek into Betty's (from Book Rock Betty) bag!

Depending on where I'm going, I either have my diaper bag or a big tote-like bag. Although my diaper bag is pretty cute (I have this one!), I generally prefer carrying a bag that looks a little less "mom", but still able to carry all the crap I need! The only things I am not listing are the crumbs, pens, and broken crayons that I found when digging this stuff out to take the picture! So, thank you Rachel, for making me do this -- my bag is officially cleaned out!

Bag: First of all, I gotta tell you, I'm not a bag snob at all. I don't care about brands. I care about functionality and being able to withstand the terror that comes with having 3 kids! I also avoid fake leather- they are actually quite toxic, but this is not an EcoBetty post, so I'll shut up about it. This bag (I had to look just now- lol) is the Patricia Nash Benvenuto Tote. I got it at Macy's because it was on sale, holds my shizzz, and was real leather. Plus, my BFF Kelly told me this color goes with everything!

Wallet: My wallet is a Fossil Marlow Leather Clap Clutch - this thing holds everything I need, which is important. I love being able to just snag this out of my bag for a quick run to the store.  It has tons of card slots and little sections for other things. I can even sneak my phone inside. I picked the mint color because it is easy to spot inside my bag!

Kindle:  I love my Kindle Paperwhite. I take it everywhere. I'm a fan of knowing that I have several books within reach in case I finish my current read and am stranded somewhere for a long period of time!  On top of my Kindle is a cute little cupcake notebook with pages that tear out really easily.

Makeup Bag: Always gotta have a few staples just in case...  mascara, blush, concealer, and pressed powder! Most vital, I always have my badger french vanilla lip balm and 100% Pure lip gloss in the color Naked rolling around in my bag. Oh! There is dental floss in there too because well, ya just never know! 

Water Bottle: I never leave home without my Life Factory water bottle. I love it because it's glass, so my water never gets funky or absorbs plastic chemicals.

Sunglasses: Always gotta have a pair with me! Like the bag, not really into the brand names. Most of mine are Steve Madden that I most likely get at Marshall's!

KIND Bars: Nuts or grains; don't care, as long as there is always one in my bag!  

Cole Clothes: Babies spit up or have blowouts at the most inconvenient times! I've learned from experience that extra clothes is a must, even for a 20 minute trip! I'm obsessed with Carter's and H&M for baby clothes! Sun hat is a must have!

Diapers & Wipes: We love the Honest Company for diapers and wipes. Even if I don't have the baby with me, I keep wipes with me to rid my hands of germs!

Other Crap for Cole & the Girls: Nuby teether, Peekaboo Sophie (his favorite book), Band Aids

What book (and other cute things) are in YOUR bag right now?

PS. If you'd be interested in doing a guest "What's In My Bag" post on my blog,
email me at hellochelly [at] gmail [dot] com :) 

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  1. Loved seeing what's in your bag, Betty! It's always fun to learn more about my blogger friends and their lifestyles through whatever they have in their bags ;)


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