More Happy Thoughts!

A month ago I wrote about trying to stay positive by taking a step back and thinking about what's going right amidst everything that could be going wrong at the moment. I wasn't really expecting to need another happy moments list so soon but it turns out I do. So here it is!

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an unexpected three day weekend 
spending an entire day at the mall with my two besties 
watching Insurgent twice (Theo James!)
buying two super cute dresses 
and a new crossbody bag (retail therapy, ok?)
New Adult releases from my faves, JLA and Karina Halle
being able to wear flats again
my favorite shows have/are returning
(Outlander, Game of Thrones, Lost Girl + Orphan Black!)
the sun is out longer
easy and fun to plan blog features/events
making lasanga rolls from SkinnyTaste
fresh flowers on the dining table
playing a good song over and over and over
knowing I'm going to San Fran in 19 days!

What are your happy thoughts?

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  1. Retail therapy is the best! (I would like to see these dresses and that bag, please and thank you. Send me a photo!) And thinking of the happy things in your life is always a good practice! Definitely helps you realize that even the smallest of good things is worth celebrating <3


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