Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (98)

RACHEL • "Let It Go" by James Bay
I know this song has been out for a while now and I wouldn't be surprised if I had actually heard it before and didn't remember. But for some reason, when I heard it playing on The Vampire Diaries episode a couple weeks ago, the song just stood out to me. So much so that I was immediately pulling out my phone to Shazam it. It's so beautiful but in this understated way. Even though it's a love song and doesn't apply to me exactly, it's these words that I find particularly fitting:

It's funny how reflections change / When we're becoming something else / I think it's time to walk away / So come on let it go / Just let it be / Why don't you be you / And I'll be me / Everything's that's broke / Leave it to the breeze / Why don't you be you / And I'll be me .. 

CARINA • "Bad Religion" By Frank Ocean
My second favorite song from one of my favorite albums. I love the passion, intensity and rawness of his voice and the beauty of his lyrics. I'd love to see him sing live one day but for now, I have his music on repeat. Enjoy!

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  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH JAMES BAY'S VOICE! But seriously, Let It Go was the first song I've ever heard from him (at some time last year, I think) and it's still my favorite up until now.

  2. That James Bay song stood out to me on Vampire Diaries too!! I looked it up right after the episode haha.
    I've been pretty obsessed (on constant repeat) with these two Dan + Shay songs this past week, "Nothin' Like You" and "I Heard Goodbye"!


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