Review: Complete Nothing (True Love, #2) by Kieran Scott

Complete Nothing (True Love, #2) by Kieran Scott
Publication date: Sept. 30, 2014
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Category: Young Adult - Contemporary/Mythology
Source: Purchased
Summary: True isn't exactly loving NJ. Banished from Mount Olympus and tasked with helping couples find love without her powers, the goddess-formerly-known-as-Cupid is having a tough time. Especially now that True’s immortal love, Orion, has also appeared at her NJ high school—but with no memory of their relationship. To distract herself from seeing Orion flirt with another girl, True focuses her efforts on making a match: Peter and Claudia. Peter is the star quarterback and most popular guy in school. But he’s insecure about his future, so he preemptively dumps Claudia, his girlfriend. Claudia doesn’t take the breakup too well, and she’s ready to show the quarterback of their rival school just how ready she is to get over it. But True sees something in these two seniors. She believes they should be together—but can she help them find their way back to each other?  (Adapted

The good
I can’t tell you much I enjoy the idea of True (better known as Cupid) being banished to New Jersey and trying to help three couples find true love so she can get her powers back. It’s out there but totally fun and I enjoy each new book more and more. In Complete Nothing, True is trying to find her next couple to “help” (quotation marks are needed because she tends to cause more trouble). The only problem is that her own true love, Orion, is on earth, attending the same school as her and he has no memories of who he is or what they mean to each other. It’s frustrating and distracting to say the least. Then True finds a couple in need of help — Peter and Claudia.

Peter and Claudia are a couple that I think will be easy to relate to, especially if you were in a serious high school yourself (I wasn’t but I got where they were coming from!). Peter is a popular quarterback at school, all around nice guy but has no idea what he wants for the future. He can’t help but think his time with Claudia is a ticking clock and before he realizes the words that are coming out of his mouth, he’s breaking up with her. On the other hand, Claudia is a super sweet girl who works hard and knows exactly what she wants from her future (Princeton!). The strong feelings they have for each other are obvious so when Peter breaks up with her, she doesn’t take it well. And True, with the best of intentions, tells her the best way to get Peter back is to make him jealous. (OK, we all know this is the worst idea right?)

It’s a classic tale of miscommunication between two people clearly in love and the people around them who want to help (they have awesome BFFs and I do adore True). Both Claudia and Peter make crazy decisions that are frustrating. But of course they needed these obstacles to realize how “true” their love is. Plus True’s own personal love story and more of the gods play a bigger role in this book, which I enjoyed. The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming clearer and I can’t wait to see how the last book in this series pans out. All I know is - I want everyone to get their happily ever after!

(No) Reservations
None! Had all the same qualities I enjoyed about the first book.

Do I recommend?
I do! It’s an interesting mix of contemporary with just a dash of mythology, even though it’s definitely come more into play in this book. Still, True never fails to crack me up and I like the couples she befriends. Can’t wait to read book 3!


  1. So happy to see someone else enjoying this series! I just read the first two books in a row and had to pause t read something for another committment - otherwise I would have gone straight into the third book. I love the mythology and contemporary aspects. True is funny and I liked seeing her get used to all of the things we do on earth, like not stealing from each other haha.

  2. I need to read Complete Nothing! It sounds like such a fun story, which I was already expecting because True herself is pretty funny. This series is just a joy to read, and I can't wait to binge it all since the last one is finally out!


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