Christmas Wishlist

I love Christmas shopping for friends and family and to avoid the crowds, I usually end up doing a lot of that shopping online. Of course, the problem is I also end up finding a lot of things I'd like to buy for myself. But I'm being good! However.. I will eventually get myself a Christmas present and in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to put together a little wishlist.

[top left, clockwise]

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
I love instant photos! And I actually own the older, less fancy, version of this camera. But ever since I saw this, I've been wanting to buy it.

2. Lacquer Bento Lunch Box in Yellow
Lately, I've been making an effort to bring lunch to work and this bento box would be so cute to have.

3. Longchamp Small Le Pliage Tote (in Hydrangea)
I already own a small tote in black and the large tote in purple so I technically don't need another. But I actually use my two other ones a lot and I really like this color.

4. Catbird Ballerina Earrings
Simple, pretty every day earrings.

5. Folio Society edition of Anne of Green Gables
Because I need another copy for my collection!

6. Saturday The A Satchel
It's me so obviously there would be more than one bag on my list. And clearly, I'm loving fuschia right now (in case you haven't noticed the theme yet!).

7. Ideal Bookshelf Print
This would be lovely to add on my apartment walls.

8. Cuyana Leather Laptop Sleeve
If I have to carry around my laptop with me, then I don't want to add any extra weight. This sleeve would be perfect.

So that's what I want this Christmas!
What's on your list?


  1. I love this wish list! The print is super cute and so are the bags and the laptop sleeve. I've gotten to the point that I do the majority of my shopping online too. (:

  2. This is a lovely wishlist Rachel! I love that print and those earrings are classy with an edge.

  3. Very cute list! I'm really a fan of the earrings! And the Bento box would be PERFECT for taking lunch to work :)

  4. Get the Longchamp in Medium. Then you can really justify it. :-)

  5. I am sooo in need of something from Folio Society. My sister got a book from them, and it was insanely gorgeous. The satchel is sooo pretty. It has a great color! :D

  6. I'm obsessed with pretty much 100% of your wishlist. Just saying. I've had my eye on that Instax for a long time now! I just haven't taken the plunge yet, since I don't have the extra cash, but maaaaaybe when the new year starts. Also, I want both the bags in your post - a new Longchamp (since mine's about to bite the dust) and another Kate Spade purse (because really, I'm obsessed). Love this!


with love,