Looking back on the Mortal Instruments

I first started reading The Mortal Instruments three years ago. All three books were already out (and at the time, that was considered the end of the series) and I flew through them. It was during my phase of wanting to get my hands on every paranormal series out there. I had already read Twilight and The Hunger Games and I was looking for my “next” Hunger Games. (I did read Graceling and Fire but they’re not a traditional series.) Then a friend recommended City of Bones and it was just.. LOVE. Looking back, I think these were the first YA characters I fell in love with. I mean, I had been into the stories of the previously mentioned series but did I connect to the heroine or swoon over the love interest or laugh at this other character’s snark? No. But that’s how I felt about Clary, Jace, Simon and later Isabelle and Alec grew on me as well. Clary was this petite (being under 5” myself, I love this tidbit!) artistic girl who was feisty and relatable. Jace is the mysteriously sensitive guy who hides behind his bravado (which isn’t a total facade, hah) and has a lot of great lines — funny and swoon-worthy. Together they were and still are one of my favorite couples.

Then Cassandra Clare announced that she’d be continuing the series with three more books: City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls (my review) and City of Heavenly Fire. With the “newer” trilogy, returning to the Shadowhunter world felt like reuniting with old friends. But while I loved catching up with my favorite characters, I wasn’t that invested in the newer books. Books 4 and 5 just left me feeling tired. I wanted to write Clare a personal note and say - why can’t you just let them be happy?! At least I felt this way until I read City of Heavenly Fire.

I was worried. I mean a lot of time passed between the 4th and 5th book and I felt the time in between would hurt the flow of the series. But I decided to find a free weekend and just dive right in without bothering to give myself a recap. And you know what? I got sucked right back in. It wasn’t a perfect book (it could’ve been a shorter) but damn, was it epic! I still think the original 3 books are the best but this last one made the newer books completely worth it. I loved how Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Alec were this team, a family. They each bring something important to the table and I loved being with them every step of the way for the final leg of their journey. It had all the elements I loved in the previous books and gave readers an ending to feel satisfied, happy and emotionally invested in. I didn’t know what I wanted for an ending but this was it. It wasn’t perfect, a little messy but it felt right.

If you’re a fan of this series and haven’t made the time to read the last book yet, DO IT. (But don't bother with the movie.)


  1. Great post, Rachel!! Something similar happened to me too :) TMI was the first YA series that I truly loved. It jumpstarted my love of reading! These books have always had a special fondness in my heart for this reason. I love these characters and the story. I liked the first arc better, but City of Heavenly Fire was so epic!! I thought it was the perfect conclusion to the series. It was a bit long, but it gave me more time to say goodbye to these wonderful characters. I'm so excited for the Dark Artifices! Wonderful post :)

  2. This post makes me want to give the swries another go. I read City of Bones and loved it, then made the unfortunate decision to watch the movie. It ruined my desire to continue reading the books. But maybe I'll move it up the tbr list.


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