Life lately, according to my iPhone

It's been a pretty great couple of weeks! For a change, it's felt like a really good balance of going out and seeing friends but at the same time, sleeping in late on the weekends (which for me is like 9 or 9:30!), reading and catching up on stuff around the apartment. I'm hoping the rest of the month stays this way because I have to admit, September kinda ran me ragged and I'm feeling it. I yawn way too much at work and I'm hoping to use this month to re-energize if I can. Anyway, here's what I've been up to lately! 

Exquisite Captive Launch Party
Heather speaking at Books of Wonder / A picture with the lovely author herself
Live music at the party! / She brought Turkish Delights and jinni inspired wine
There's my blog mentioned at the back of the book / With Alexa

The Morgan Library & Museum
Alexa convinced me to take a day off and hang out! The rest of our day will be shared in detail in a future books (*hint* next Books IRL!) but a stop a the Morgan Library was special request of mine because I've been wanting to check it out. 
The windows in their cafe area / Headed towards the library, of course
Gorgeous painted ceilings / A statue of cupid
Jewelry - moonstone is one of my faves! / View of the library which was huge!

My new favorite mug which I bought for work / Delicious sushi from lunch this past weekend with Loren

Happy Monday!


  1. That Morgan Library & Museum looks like a fabulous place and I'm dying to go there! :)

  2. The Morgan Library sounds amazing and I need to make a trip there sometime! I love how ornate and decorative the library is. Also, I love your mug! The sushi looks so good, too. *.*

  3. I really love your Life, Lately posts! You should do them more often (AKA we should probably play hooky more) ;) But really, I'm glad we were able to hang out a few times last week! Heather's event was great, and visiting the library & museum was pretty dang awesome too :)


with love,