In My Kitchen

When I moved out last year, my biggest goal was learning how to cook. No microwave dinners, no takeout, no instant ramen. At least for the first six months. And I made good on that goal! The funny thing is, my family still can't believe I cook every week and my lovely Instagram followers think I'm kind of a pro.

The truth?

I'm just really good at following directions (and finding delicious recipes). 

Maybe I'm underestimating myself but honestly, I'm so jealous of those people who can just open up their fridge to see what they have and whip up something recipe-free. I can only do that with omelets and fried rice and even then, I always feel like I'm forgetting something. But I do love cooking every week. There's something relaxing about chopping up veggies (my fave are onions!) and I love discovering new ingredients (sometimes I have to google while at the grocery and then ask someone to help me find things).

One day I want to be able to cook completely on my own but until then, I know I've improved a lot. It doesn't take me quite as long anymore and I'm not as messy. In other words, my kitchen no longer looks like a disaster after a meal. Plus I feel much more comfortable tweaking the recipe if I need to. since I know what I like. I thought about all this after telling Carina where I get my recipes and sharing some of my faves. So I thought, I should share these on my blog too!

This is the recipe for one of my first successful dinners after moving out. 

I never tried chili until I made this and I love it. I leave out all the spicy stuff thought and instead, I  add in one of those taco cheesy packets. 
So simple and so delicious. 

4. Tacos
I don't use a recipe for this! I get a taco packet, turkey or beef depending on my mood and black beans. And then these soft shell taco boats are the best thing ever. 
I haven't made this in a while but looking at this picture is making me crave it. 

One of my BFFs, Loren, gave me The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook last year and so far this is the only recipe I've tried. But I've made it twice and it is SO good.  
Comfort food at its best. I've made this so many times. 

I've loved beef bowls ever since my cousin first took me to Yoshinoya
My one Filipino recipe I return to over and over again. It's easy to make, I always remember the ingredients and I usually want this when I'm feeling lazy to cook. 

One of my favorite salads. 
I love lasagna rolls! I don't make it often because it takes a while. But I was craving it this week and it surprisingly didn't take me that long! I see more lasagna roll recipes in my future. 

I never knew how easy it was to make alfredo sauce from scratch! I definitely prefer this recipe over buying something ready made. So good! 

Those are all my favorites! In case you were wondering, I mainly use PinterestSkinnyTaste, AllRecipes and Yummly to find recipes. I hope you find something new to try and if you have any suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them! :)

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  1. These look so good! My stomach is grumbling right now and my favorites are the salmon dishes. I miss cooking regularly sometimes and these photos make me want to go cook soon!

  2. That salmon with oyster sauce needs to get in my belly. Now.

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. Basically, I'm inspired by this post to go wild at the grocery and put myself in charge of dinner one of these nights in the apartment! I'm no cook (and it's not necessary for me to cook when 4 out of the 5 people in my house do know how), but I do want to learn. It feels like it would be a great step in the process of building a home and learning to nurture people with food, so I'll take my inspiration from you :)

  4. What's that growling sound I hear? Oh, just my stomach as I look at your post! I think I might try one of these salon recipes soon--I do really like salmon, but it also seems like it'd be easy to mess up and dry out. I hope you do another one of these posts soon!


with love,