Legacy Blog Tour: 5 Reasons + Playlist

I'm very excited to be a part of the blog tour for The Legacy by Melissa Delport. I'm going to share with you 5 Reasons Why I enjoyed The Legacy and then the author, Melissa Delport, is on the blog today to share her playlist for the book. 

5 Reasons Why I Enjoyed The Legacy:
  1. The world-building. The author did a great job of setting the stage within the first chapter alone. World War 3 happened, lasted for 12 days, most of the population was lost and one man rose to bring the people back together. Of course that man is not the savior many believe him to be and Rebecca Davis (the heroine) is willing to do anything to take him down. Which is why she's his wife! (Dun dun dun.) 
  2. Rebecca. From the get-go, I admired her tenacity and strength. I can't say I understood right away how or why she could sacrifice so much of herself for the greater good. But that's what makes her a heroine, right? We don't learn until much later just how much she had to walk away from but I guarantee you'll feel for her. 
  3. The men. There are two men in her life and that's not including her husband. I'm not a big love triangle person but I do like the two guys featured here. Even I'm torn on who I want her to end up with! (I'm leaning towards her first love. I think.) 
  4. Pacing. If you like action-packed, fast-paced plots, this book definitely has that. 
  5. The ending. One word for you -- CLIFFHANGER. 

The Legacy Trilogy Music Playlist by Melissa Delport:
I am a big lover of music – I always have been, and remember the very first tapes my mom bought me when I turned 11 – The Best of Dolly Parton & Kenny G! Personally, I think she underestimated my desire to own my own music and thought it was simply a childish whim, so she bought music she could listen to when I moved on to my next obsession. That didn’t happen – in fact, in the absence of anything better, I stretched those tapes from playing them so much that they were no use to anyone within a few short months.

Everybody knows that music inspires emotion, and a movie’s soundtrack is almost as important as its casting. I have my own ideas as to what music would go well with certain scenes in The Legacy, but as I do not want to disclose any “spoilers” I will simply list my Movie Soundtrack, in no particular order.

See if you can guess what song matches which scene:
Imagine Dragons -  Radioactive
Florence & The Machine -  Never Let Me Go
Depeche Mode - Precious
Madonna -  Die Another Day
Jason Walker - Down
Plumb - Cut
Taylor Swift Feat Gary Lightbody - The Last Time
Linkin Park - Burn it Down
Damien Rice - 9 crimes
Creed - My Sacrifice
Ben Howard - Oats in the Water
Sam Smith - Stay With Me


Thank you Melissa for stopping by the blog!

Here's more info about the book if you're interested in checking it out!

One man obsessed with power. One woman prepared to sacrifice everything to stop him. One war that changed the world.

“World War Three lasted twelve days. Twelve days was all it took for mankind to devastate the planet and almost eradicate the human race. No victor emerged from the ashes and billions lost their lives.

We survivors lived through the bleakest of winters. A primal existence became the new order, and the little that remained of our humanity hung in the balance.

Then one man stood up and changed the world. I believed, as did everyone else, that he was the hero of our time, the man who had saved us from our own demise. His name is Eric Dane and he is the President of the New United States of America.

He is also my husband, and my greatest enemy.

I grew up oblivious to the truth, until my father found me when I was nineteen years old. He told me about the many horrifying facts that our new leader kept hidden from us. And he told me that beyond the borders the Resistance grew and fought for freedom from the oppression that Eric Dane had imposed on us.

My name is Rebecca Davis. I am twenty-six years old, and in me the Resistance has found the ultimate weapon.”

A narrative of good and evil, love and passion, right and wrong – and at the centre of the story a strong woman who is prepared to sacrifice everything for the cause she believes in.

The Legacy is an action-packed, adrenalin-inducing thrill ride which will leave you riveted long after you have turned the last page.

Find it here: Goodreads |  Amazon.com |  Barnes & Noble |  Kobo

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  1. Wow. The Legacy sounds really intense! I mean, the stakes already seem pretty high for Rebecca but I can tell she's definitely a heroine I could get behind. Glad you wound up finding this one good!


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