BEA 2014 Recap!

I went to BookExpo America (BEA) for the third time last week and it was by far my favorite experience! Remember all the things I said I wanted to do this time around? Like relax, take my time, be pickier about books, meet more publicists and bloggers and just have fun? Well I did all that and more. For one thing, the event in general was much more organized this time around (with the exception of BookCon). I only waited in a few long lines and usually wandered around with Alexa who was my partner-in-crime for the entire event. I got all the books on my list and couple more that sparked my interest. I met a lot more bloggers this year, many of whom were oh-so-lovely in person (Jamie, Steph Kat & Meg from Cuddlebuggery, Nicole, Cassie, Andi, Tiff, Heidi -- I'm thinking of you ladies in particular!). I got to see and chat with my favorite authors like Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout and Heather Demetrios. Plus I was invited to a few publisher-held blogger events for the first time ever (thank you again HarlequinTeen, Macmillan and Bloomsbury!). I just had a really, really great time. I didn't even mind waking up early and commuting to NYC as much :)

Now, here are some pictures! 
(Photos are from my phone, Alexa's & Jamie's)

>> Authors 
(top left, clockwise) Posing with Adi Alsaid; Jennifer L. Armentrout; Neil Patrick Harris (!!!); Morgan Matson; Miranda Kenneally; Heather Demetrios; Sarah J. Maas.

>> Bloggers 
(top left, clockwise) With Gaby, Jamie and Nicole; posing with the cover model of Black Ice; the Javitz Center; the Bloomsbury ARC shelves (I seriously wanted to grab books!); with Alexa; the waffle Alexa & I treated ourselves at the end of BEA; with Jamie (we finally met!).

>> The Book Haul
(left, clockwise) Day 1 -- my favorites are LUX Beginnings (obvs!), Stone Cold Touch, Queen of Tearling, Talon and I'll Give You the Sun; Day 3 -- um, HEIR OF FIRE; Day 2 - my favorites are Landline, Breathe Annie Breathe, Since You've Been Gone and Exquisite Captive. 

How was everyone else's BEA experience?
(And if you didn't go, you should!)


  1. HELLO CHELLY! (I couldn't help it). It was so nice to meet you as well and I'm glad you had such a fantastic BEA!

  2. I wanted to go to BEA sooo bad! Next year! Definitely next year!

    Vivian Apple at the End of the World is one of my most anticipated titles! :D

    Angie @ Pinkindle

  3. So jealous you got Landline! Bookcon was insanity, literally. So happy for you that you got to meet some bloggers as well as attend publisher parties! :)

  4. I'm so jealous that you got to go to BEA! It's definitely on the top of my bucket list! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Chelly! It's great that I got to live out BEA through the posts of bloggers who got to go, hehe.

  5. I love reading everyone's BEA recaps, and I especially enjoy seeing all of the book hauls! I would love to go to BEA one day; it sounds like lots of fun :)

  6. I'm very happy we were able to hang out for long periods of time during BEA! It was such a treat to just wander the floor with you, and find all the awesome bloggers, authors and books! I also find it very amusing that we have all the same ARCs (except for 4 you have that I do not, and all the middle grade books I picked up). Fun times ahead for FWA!


with love,