Sunday Flashback (4)

Sunday Flashback is a feature where I'll highlight old reviews of books that tend to fly under the radar.
I'll always choose books I've already reviewed and if you happen to love these books too, we can fangirl over them together!

Today, I've chosen:

The Survival Kit by Donna Freitas is one of those books that took me completely by surprise. Someone recommended it and I started reading one night.. only to refuse to put it down until I finished. By the time I reached the last page, I was a teary emotional mess. (Hint: have tissues handy when you read this!) It follows the story of Rose who is trying her best to cope with the loss of her mom. When Rose’s mom passes away, she leaves behind a “survival kit” filled with various items that force Rose to ponder what they each mean. It also leads her to new experiences, helps her to deal with her grief and throws her in the direction of a very special guy. It’s a beautiful story about family and love that I highly recommend.  


  1. I don't think I've read any of the books you've featured on your Sunday Flashback yet! This one sounds really good, but also really sad. Can't wait to check it out for myself!

  2. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I think Alexa should read it, I bet she would like it.


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