Sunday Flashback (3)

Sunday Flashback is a feature where I'll highlight old reviews of books that tend to fly under the radar.
I'll always choose books I've already reviewed and if you happen to love these books too, we can fangirl over them together!

Today, I've chosen:

Bunheads by Sophie Flack is one of the best portrayals of ballet I've seen in any YA novel. (It probably helps that the author is former ballerina herself!) I've read a bunch of books which incorporate dance or ballet and usually the dance aspect is overshadowed by either romance, friendship or some other obstacle. But here we follow an actual dancer at a prestigious ballet school in NYC. We see her day-to-day life, the competition and just what it means to dedicate your life to this craft. It does have some romance and friendship as well. But we see how her ballet aspirations affect both. It's a quiet novel but if you've ever been curious about the life of a ballerina, this is the one to pick up. 


  1. That title absolutely kills me but if you say it's the best portrayal of YA I probably should read this, right? Why must the title sound so immature?! Like it totally deters me from reading it...yes, I judge a book based on title haha

  2. I have this book on my Kindle! I love ballet books, a soft spot stemming from the fact that I was a ballerina all the way until pointe shoes. I really, really think I should read this! Hopefully, I'll get the chance to do that real soon.


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