Stacking the Shelves (11)

I didn't buy quite so many books this time! Yay me! But I did download/request a bunch of e-galleys. And I know what you're thinking - BEA is coming up. Why am I being crazy and requesting more books? But there is actually a good reason for this. By downloading/requesting (and hopefully getting approved for) these books, then I don't have to worry about trying to pick them up at BEA. Which means more time for other books/signings and less things for me to carry around. I'm trying to be pickier and smarter (and less stressed) this year. Now, onto my book haul!


Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews (Thanks Tandem Literary!)
Thanks Macmillan!
Silver Bay by Jojo Moyes (Thanks Penguin!)
Thanks HarperTeen!


What new books have you guys gotten lately?


  1. Rachel, I actually think your logic makes complete sense! Good thinking! I got a lot of the same Harper/Edelweiss egalleys you got, I am so excited about all of them! I'm really looking forward to the release of LET'S GET LOST. Happy reading, Rachel!

  2. Yay for egalleys!

    Dude, I totally need to try Jojo Moyes!

    Yay for Macmillan too, they have some exciting books coming out I think!

  3. SILVER BAY!!!! Oh my gosh, you will love it!! Team Jojo!!!! :)

  4. I'm sensing a pattern in color in the actual finished copies you've received, just saying ;) And I'm totally with you on that plan, by the way! If I can just grab the e-galleys, I can cross it off my BEA list.


with love,